In the last decade, scientists have begun to realise how important the microbiome (gut flora – probiotics) is for overall health and wellbeing. Instead of classifying it as naturopathy, or psuedo-science, it is now receiving full attention from many different fronts.

Full scientific papers documenting the efficacy of probiotic cleaning solutions inside of hospital and dental settings have proven how we can naturally combat aggressive viruses, bacteria and fungi without having to resort to heavy chemicals and toxins.

Why is this important for our children and elderly?

Our children and grandparents are at the most risk for health complications. Toxins polluting the air have created a raft of health issues, from allergies, to asthma, to respiratory complications and more. Our overuse of chemical cleaners has resulted in superbugs that pervade hospitals and surgeries, that are able to resist antibiotics. They prove a deadly complication to those seeking medical help in any situation, yet it has been shown that these same antibiotic-resistant strains cannot resist probiotic colonies.

No health risks.

Unlike virtually any commercial chemical-based cleaner, probiotic cleaners pose no health risk to anyone who comes into contact with them. It seems counterintuitive then, that our staff have to wear full PPE gear – but this is to protect them from coming into contact with any virus or fungi before they begin fumigating, and to prevent the spread of anything thereafter as they work across different jobs.

Unlike all other fogging solutions available on the commercial market that are chemical based, our probiotic mist is safe at all times. For aged care facilities, this means that residents can just go for a walk or get a cup of tea while their rooms are treated. These probiotics then reduce allergens and remove other threats from viruses and germs in one go, and continue to work long after they have been applied. The colonies continue to grow and thrive for several days.

What about schools?

Our children’s safety is paramount in any parent’s book. Knowing that your school has been completely treated, from top to bottom, gives peace and security. Unlike hydrogen-peroxide solutions that bleach what they come into contact with, our probiotic solution does not damage any materials it comes into contact with, whether that is paint, walls, vinyl, wood, flooring, furnishings, or any other appliance. The probiotics effectively remove all bacteria and viruses from the air, leaving a pure and natural environment for your children that is in balance and harmony with nature.

What about at home?

We have a range of products for you to use in the home that will allow you to keep the same level of safety for your family, from carpet cleaners to mist sprayers, right through to glass and window cleaners.

All pros, no cons.

Probiotics exist naturally inside of us,  but are regularly killed off en-masse outside of our bodies by commercial products that we use in our day to day lives. This leaves a clean slate for bad bacteria to thrive unchecked, resulting in fungi, bacteria, and viruses that are able to spore and spread with little to stop them until the next chemical spray comes along.

Our probiotics are super-strong and once fogged in a property, they will continue to grow and thrive and feed on the existing bacteria and germs that are present. The colonies then get strengthened by regular applications, meaning safer environments that become virtually impossible for bad pathogens to get a foothold in. Probiotics not only devour these germs, but they also bore into the biofilm layer present on most surfaces that bacteria and viruses actually hide and fester under. Yes, that’s right – your household cleaner only kills germs off on the very top layer of the biofilm, but even after a heavy cleaner, a micro layer is left behind – under which, those same pathogens contiue to propogate.

Our unique probiotic strains offer cleaning on a whole new level, with no downtime, no toxins, no chemicals, no synthetics, no alcohol and no nasties whatsoever.

So what are you waiting for? View the range today!