SmartGate Sanitation Solutions for Businesses

What is a SmartGate? Our SmartGate system is an easy walk-through gateway with a lot of customisation options. Our SmartGate Solutions offer total sanitation with the use of Probiotic fog (Opti-Mist) that is completely non-chemical and non-toxic, and safe for all customers, clients and staff to use as often as needed. Perfect for shopping centres, hospitals, office buildings and more. We also have transportable options for large events.

Units are available to lease, buy, or hire with options being available with no capital up front, with a plug-and-play setup that is fast and cost-effective for large-scale businesses.

Lease units from as little as $99.50* per day with 24/7 support.
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Covid-19 Sanitation Solutions

BiotixPro is dedicated to bringing safe and effective solutions for Covid-19 and sanitation to businesses around New Zealand. We are proud to present our SmartGate solution, powered by our unique probiotic Opti-Mist, that is 100% safe. It is non-chemical and non-toxic, therefore does no damage to the environment, or to the people walking through them regularly. Our SmartGate team are able to build custom solutions for your business and match the style of the Gate to the architecture of your building. We offer a range of ready and made-to-order solutions, and we supply ongoing support and maintenance for our SmartGates.

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Walk Through Gates

Our SmartGates are an easy to use stainless steel gate range that can be installed quickly and easily. It has an automatic sensor that detects when someone is approaching, and then creates an appropriate fog for the person to walk through. The probiotic fog is effective at sanitising all fungi and viruses that may be lingering on one’s person. It is safe to breathe in, does not damage clothing or materials such as handbags, and has no chemicals or toxins. Our solutions are safe, and we monitor every gate we install to ensure it always has product available. This is a perfect solution for shopping centres, office buildings, hospitals, aged care facilities, etc.

Custom-Built Gates

The image displays a mock-up of the types of cladding and architecture we can custom build so that your SmartGate system is eye-catching and fitted to each building. We can also tailor build systems inside existing entrances, so that you are guaranteeing the safety and sanitation of all entering and leaving your premises. Refilled with our Opti-Mist, your customers will also be able to see that they are not being fogged with abhorrent chemicals such as bleaches, chlorines and peroxides.

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vehicle sanitation gate drive through covid-19

Vehicle Sanitation Gate

BiotixPro is also proud to offer a full vehicle sanitation option for hospitals, mechanics and other businesses where their vehicles may need to be sanitised externally. Our gates can be setup in a range of situations, and our team is fully equipped and qualified to install these in concrete, asphalt, semi-permanent and transportable options.

Gallery Of SmartGate Options

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