Unsure about how to open your salon in Level 2?

BiotixPro NZ can help!

What are the regulations that you need to comply with?

Right now, the Government has issued a general guideline on how hairdressers and salons can operate safely at level 2. This includes:

Maintaining robust hygiene practices.

Thorough decontamination between clients, and at the end of every day, to ensure clean and sanitised facilities. Here at BiotixPro, we are aware of the fact that virtually all available chemical cleaners will cause undue wear and tear on salon fit-outs.

This is why we have brought a range of solutions that fit in with the international sanitation guidelines given by the WHO, NIH & European Healthcare Council. These recommended protocols are being implemented around the world and are a fantastic standard to follow.

The 2-Step Protocol.

Step 1: Touch Point Cleaning. This is sanitising all surfaces like tables, seating, benches, handles, etc.

Step 2: Fogging. Fogging is the process of creating fine dry or mist-like particles that then sanitise the air, giving 100% coverage of your premises after you have done your touch-point clean.

Why BiotixPro?

Touch point cleaning between clients with the wrong products is detrimental to your staff and your salon fit out. Vinyls, leathers, and many furnishings can become bleached, start to crack, and even lift and peel in places. BiotixPro have brought a range of products and solutions that cover the whole 2-step Protocol that are safe and effective, and backed by multiple scientific studies conducted across the world.

How should you use BiotixPro Products?

You can perform Step 1 between clients, and step 2 at the end of the business day (after level 1, we recommend you to fog your premises 1-2 times per week). If you’d like to know more about us and our products, please head to our website.

What other regulations are there?

Having a robust contact tracing system in place.

A robust tracing system means you need to take names, addresses, and phone numbers of those people coming in and out of your premises. You also need to trace your staff movements the same way. As the government recommends this to be done in a contactless way, you can use video recordings and voice recordings and note down times as you do.

BiotixPro also provides SmartGates

These SmartGates are able to do these things for you! Our SmartGates can record temperatures, customers, and also fog them with our Opti-Mist fog (chemical and toxin free) so that they are sanitised on entry and exit. Our one-stop solution is available from $95 + GST per day.

Minimise contact to the extent possible

This means one hairdresser to one client, with good social distancing involved between multiple hairdressers and clients. At least 1 meter is the recommendation.