Covid-19 Solutions For Restaurants

As we leave level 4 and head into level 3, restaurants are set to open their doors to customers. We have provided a complete cleaning solution for salons that satisfies the W.H.O & NIH Cleaning protocols regarding Covid-19.


Our Probiotic blends are scientifically backed by years of scientific research and development. With in-depth papers and reviews conducted by the likes of the NIH, you can rest easy knowing you are providing not only the cleanest but the safest and longest lasting treatment available on the modern market. No nasties.

How does the Starter Pack work?


2 x 2L Multipurpose Cleaner
1 x 5L Pro-Fog Solution 
1 x Fogging Applicator
1 x Free Waterless Hand Sanitiser*

covid-19 salon package
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This usually retails for $315 inc. GST, but is on sale for $290 with the promo code PROMO19 until 20/05/20. Pre-order your starter pack now, so you’re ready to open the doors with a completely sanitised and safe work environment.

*while stocks last

Safe for hospitals.
Safe for aged care facilities.
Safe for children & schools.
Safe for those with allergies.
Safe for pets.

The right amount of balance.

The BiotixPro probiotic range has been designed to reduce the number of products required to clean households and commercial buildings. The beneficial, application-specific bacteria provide a safe and natural alternative to harsh chemical cleaners which are commonly overused. The range has been developed with consideration for the environment, minimizing the effects on the environment from manufacture, right through to when the finished products are in use.

  • Scientifically proven to last longer than commercial cleaning chemicals.

  • Disintegrates the biofilm layer where bacteria and germs like to hide and grow, even after chemical cleaning applications.

  • Safe to touch, breathe and use in all environments.

  • No need to wait for hours as with chemical clean fogging treatments. You can re-enter the premises after 15 minutes.

  • No alcohol, no synthetics, no dyes, no toxins, nothing but what nature intended.

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