PCHS is a microbial-based cleaning system that decontaminates surfaces and air via probiotic strands that are activated and infused with different natural components. The spores remain active in the air and on surfaces for extended periods of time, continually replicating and eating pathogens, fungi, bacteria and viruses. It effectively reduces the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) that are a common concern, and this is covered in more depth in the PLoS study that you can read here. Another popular part about using PHCS, is that it had little to no increase in risks of antibiotic resistance.

PHCS involves using a fogging application, as well as a touch-point clean.

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“HAI is a global concern, further worsened by the growing antibiotic-resistance of the associated microbes,” lead study author Elisabetta Caselli, PhD, of the University of Ferrara, told MD Magazine®. “The persistent contamination of the hospital environment contributes to such infections, and sanitation procedures used so far are not effective in controlling it and can further increase AMR (antimicrobial resistance). The studies on human microbiota have evidenced that, rather than eliminating all the microbes, it can be more advantageous and effective to replace ‘bad’ microbes with ‘good’ ones to preserve health and even to cure a disease.” – MDMAG

This picture is shared from and shows the massive reduction in surface pathogens from general cleaning practices compared to PHCS practices. This is another aspect of why the Probiotic Hygienic Cleaning System has all the perks of general cleaning without any of the downsides of chemical-based solutions.

Non-damaging to materials.

A common concern among clients that are not operating in a hospital base is the affect cleaning systems have on their decor, furnishings, and equipment. As most businesses are now looking to implement a regular fogging solution, the downsides of chemical-based solutions are becoming more evident. Peroxide based cleaners bleach and corrode any surface they come into contact with, and reduce business operations as the premises needs to be empty for several hours after the procedure. Other chemicals commonly eat into wood surfaces, vinyls, and can have negative impacts on tools and computers, drastically increasing overheads to preserve equipment prior to fogging.

Probiotic Hygienic Cleaning Systems are completely free of these negative connotations. The positive probiotic spores do not corrode or eat into any non-living surface, and instead will simply form colonies and feed on negative pathogens.

This makes it the safest alternative for salons, schools, aged care facilities, churches, gyms and more.


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