There is nothing quite as exciting as the appeal of fresh, hot pizza and a relaxing night at home with the family. Food is an integral part of our society, and of our freedom. In every discussion we have, the one thing people are excited about the most is the prospect of takeaway food again!

The biggest concern facing restaurant owners and managers now, is how to effectively and safely neutralise the threat of Covid-19 in the work place. How do you make your staff feel safe? How do you make your customers feel safe?

Updating cleaning protocols for Covid-19.

Restaurants already have stringent cleaning protocols in place, but they are not up to the new industry standard being set by the WHO, NIH & European Healthcare Council. On top of existing surface point cleaning, the new standard includes “fogging throughout the building”. After a thorough surface clean, this fogging eliminates all airborne pathogens and provides sanitised air for staff to work in.

Chemical fogging is a no-go for small businesses like salons and restaurants.

The problem is this: chemical fogging is a long process. At minimum, it usually requires 6+ hours of downtime. Most require 12 – 24. The chemicals used are normally corrosive, harsh, and completely unsafe for human contact. Hospitals are actively rolling out this new 2-step protocol, which is being recommended to all facilities in which people must gather.

Probiotic Hygienic Cleaning Systems.

But what if there was an alternative that is not only backed by science, but also backed by nature? A solution that could be safely used in every setting, from kindergartens to aged care facilities, from schools right through to even the food you eat? Something that you could literally bathe in, but that was not only just as effective as its chemical counterparts, but longer lasting?

More than just eco-friendly.

We’re not talking about an “eco-friendly lemon spray”. No. We’re talking about something potent, protective, and unique. We’re talking about living and breathing colonies of active probiotics, microbes that are intent on devouring any bad pathogen they come into contact with. These same probiotic cleaning systems have been used in hospital and dental studies, and the scientific findings were astounding!

Living organisms created by nature.

They destroyed more bacteria and viruses than standard hospital-grade chemical cleaners. Not only that, they lasted longer – our strains actively multiply every 20 minutes. So, our product is more effective 20 minutes after we spray it, than when we sprayed it. They do not contribute to antibiotic-resistant pathogens, in fact, it had little to no effect on drug-resistance bacteria and viruses (known as superbugs).

Advantages of BiotixPro.

Using our BiotixPro range means not only can you actively clean as you go, you don’t have to shut down business for 6-24 hours. You can fog during quiet periods, and know you have provided the safest and cleanest environment for your food, staff, and customers. Those using our products get a “BiotixPro” certification that you can show to your customers proudly, so they know you have taken active precautionary steps to combat Covid-19 and all other illnesses.

So how does PHCS for Covid-19 work?

Clean your surfaces as normal, with your normal range or our Probiotic one. With our pressurised sprayer, you would begin the “fogging process” by misting the product via the sprayer through the air, all throughout your premises. You don’t have to worry about covering food, or damaging your vinyls, upholsteries, or other furnishings, because our products are safe on all surfaces, non-corrosive, non-alcoholic, non-toxic, non-synthetic and purely natural.

The living organisms then actively seek out viruses and fungi to eat, actively replicating every 20 minutes and building colonies for ongoing protection.

If you would like to know more about the science behind it, click here. Alternatively, to buy your own in-house PHCS kits, click here.