Preparing to enter lockdown level 3.

The biggest question on every business owners mind right now: “how on earth do I get my business back up and running ASAP?”

The lockdown has left many people with a lot more time to ponder how best to bounce back. Safety and security for customers and staff are the largest concerns facing the public, and the government. With our schools set to reopen their doors on next week to those who desperately need to return to work, most parents, teachers and medical professionals are wary. We all want to make sure we provide the safest environments possible, yet how do we achieve that?

New Covid-19 Sanitising Guidelines.

During the height of the pandemic, the WHO, NIH & European Healthcare have come up with a new 2-step protocol to effectively combat not only Covid-19, but all airborne and surface-borne bacteria and viruses.

Their outline has been rolled out across the world as the new standard of cleaning, and we at BiotixPro are proud to be some of the first to not only offer that protocol as a service, but to be the first in New Zealand to offer it with a probiotic solution, instead of a chemical one.

How does this apply to me and my business?

The New Zealand Government has yet to roll any official guidelines out regarding specific Covid-19 procedures that are in line with the WHO & NIH 2-step protocol. You will find the official sanitising guideline for a suspected outbreak here.

But what about regular cleaning to guarantee a safe environment outside of a healthcare setting?

We all know to wear a mask – not because the mask stops you breathing in the virus, but because it stops you spreading it via coughing/sneazing if you unkowingly have it. Most viruses are airborne and can remain so for long periods of time. This is where the unique 2-step protocol comes in – completely sanitising all surfaces, followed by a pressurised fog that then neutralises the remaining airborne particles.

Can I use this system at my business?

At BiotixPro we offer a complete fogging service, which is perfect for:

  • Schools,
  • Aged care facilities,
  • Airports,
  • Transport Centres,
  • Gyms,
  • Churches,
  • Restaurants and any other social place of gathering.

For smaller offices or premises, we offer a Salon Starter Pack. This starter pack is specifically designed for salons, beauty spas, and small offices, where they want to guarantee their customisers the cleanest and safest environment. We also offer certifications in the use of probiotic cleaners for small to medium size businesses who maintain their own cleaning protocols. Our products are free of chemicals, pollutants, toxins, alcohols, heavy metals and synthetic materials.

What about my home?

Do you have pets? Do your kids have allergies or chemical sensitivities? Want to protect your children and your furniture from harsh bleaches and chemicals?

Our household cleaning pack is also available – this is a great way to get rid of the generic chemical cleaners lying around, and instead replace them with a more effective and longer lasting probiotic alternative. This starter pack comes with a pressure sprayer to mist the air, as well as household cleaners such as hand wash, surface spray, and hand sanitiser.

Why should I use BiotixPro?

Overuse of chemicals and antibiotics has led to antibiotic-resistant illnesses that claim lives every year. In-depth research and analysis conducted at hospitals and dental clinics has shown that the use of Probiotic Hygienic Cleaning Systems (PCHS) is longer lasting and more effective than chemical counterparts. Not only that, it does not lend itself to worsening antibiotic resistance.

How does it work? Probiotics are living organisms that are misted during a fogging procedure. These organisms multiply every 20 minutes, actively searching for bacteria and viruses to feast on. Our strain of probiotics is potent and aggressive towards negative pathogens, and as such will remain active and ready to protect you for extended time periods.

Want to see the science behind it?

Please head over to our science section to see just how incredible probiotics can be for internal and external health.