Locally owned and operated, BiotixPro is the first commercial cleaning service to provide probiotic cleaning solutions on an industrial scale. We use a PHCS Protocol (Probiotic Hygienic Cleaning Service) that is clinically proven not only effective, but longer lasting than standard chemical solutions. If you have any questions not listed on this page, please feel free to ask us below.



Our Probiotics contain no harmful chemicals, are allergy free, alcohol fee, non-toxic and are biodegradable. We don’t recommend drinking our products, however aside from the fairly unusual taste, there is no negative effects from consuming, sniffing or spilling the products.

The WHO & NIH recommend a specific 2-step system to provide a thorough clean if the entire working environment. Step 1 is to sanitise all contact surfaces, such as tables, desks, handles, etc. The reason for doing this first is so that you do not simply move bad bacteria around (e.g., if you were to fog first, then you would be leaving too many surfaces with grime/food/blood/spillage in which bacteria can seek refuge and then as you are wiping them, they can be re “blown” around the premises).

Step 2 is the fogging, in which the air itself is sanitised by fine mist particles from a motorised pressure sprayer. This can be done with many different kinds of solutions, such as hydrogen peroxide, chemicals, or probiotics. Many small businesses cannot use the first two due to the damage they have on the property, and due to the high downtime required after a treatment.

Covid-19 is an envelope virus with little spike connectors. It is extremely weak and can only be transferred when connected to dirt or bacteria. In summary the probiotic cleaner eliminates dirt and bad bacteria from the surface and therefor the virus does not have a breading ground to exist on or multiply in. The protein outer layer of the virus is also very weak and can be easily penetrated and killed, hence why any chemical cleaner is effective, but they come with their own downsides. Our probiotic based system is longer lasting – read below to see why.

Scientifically, this is further explained as follows:
Our PHCS (Probiotic Hygiene Cleaning System) is developed with a specific strain of spore forming probiotics. This functionality allows you to spray or wipe surfaces with this PHCS, so that the product can make a protective layer because it multiplies every 20 minutes.
The PHCS will cover the area where the Covid-19 and other pathogenic bacteria is. The PHCS is a system that contains live probiotics and therefore it will start consuming food sources such as bacteria, and all other substances connected to the bacteria like a virus.
The probiotics work by penetrating the protein outer layer(s) of the bacteria and viruses, and then consumes it as a food source. When the food source is depleted this PHCS system will lay dormant and wait until a new food source is introduced. One application has the ability to lay dormant and become active again for 3 cycles, making our system not just effective once, but something that will keep your environment actively clean no matter the contamination.

This PHCS is safe on all surfaces and is the perfect solution to keep your environment hygienic clean.

For commercial institutions where large meterage is present, it is recommended to use a third party cleaner like BiotixPro, much the same way as most companies use a separate cleaning company for general cleaning services. In order to fog larger rooms and areas, a motorised high-pressure sprayer is required, as well as the correct product. Our service includes a QA (quality assurance) certificate for each clean, so you can show this to the public for verification purposes.

For smaller businesses, such as beauty salons and offices, we do provide a Starter Kit that comes with everything they need to effectively clean smaller areas.

As our products contain no harmful chemicals and are created naturally, they are unlikely to cause skin irritations.

Yes, they are made from naturally non- genetically modified microbes. They are entirely biodegradable and safe to use, store and dispose of.

BiotixPro does not use traditional cleaning agents. Our product contains a strategic strain of beneficial microbes.  Beneficial microbes takes over the surface area and reduce the presence of harmful microbes.


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