Work & Income offers support for employers.

Work & Income has been funding employers struggling to retain staff during the Covid-19 lockdown. You can more information about in on their official website here.

This is an important factor for businesses looking to reopen during the level 3 coming up in the next few weeks. Mass lay-offs have affected how businesses can run, or will run, and as we now look to begin a return to a normal semblance of life, it is important for small businesses to make the most of government support.

“Do I need to pay back the business support packages?”

No, employer support is paid at a capped rate per employee and is expected to be paid out to the employees so that they can remain in your service without impacting your cash flow. The funds do not require repayment to the government.

“Do people know if I make a claim?”

Yes, in keeping transparent, the government has created a public website that lists all businesses that have filed employer support claims. This is so that employees can verify if their employer has made a claim on their behalf, and whether or not they have received funds. 

“What if I am self-employed?”

If you have a registered Limited liability company, you can make a claim just like an employer. If you run your business through your personal IRD number, you will need to get in touch with Work & Income to discuss if this is an option for you.